How does the Easter Bunny get into the house to leave those sweet treats each Easter? No need to ponder this question any longer - get the Easter Bunny their own special key!

Attached with a magical brass olden-style key, this special plaque is a sweet way for the kids to thank the Easter Bunny and make sure it's not a hassle to leave those yummy treats! A wonderful way to add some personalised magic to a wonderful Easter eve tradition, this plaque is sure to be a staple of Easter for years to come. 


This plaque comes with a small brass-coloured key attached with a loop of string, perfect for hanging from a door or placing by window. Decorated with a sweet verse, bunny ears, and some leafy flourishes, all that is missing is your family's name for a perfectly personalised plaque!

Why not pair with one of our Easter Bunny Stop Here Personalised Plaque, or an Easter Eve Personalised Keepsake Boards to truly bring the magic to life?

Easter Bunny Key Personalised Plaque

    • Font as per photos.

    • Our ornaments are made from quality acrylic and wood materials, and are laser cut and engraved to order. 

    • All of our materials are a standard 3 mm thick, so please review our PRODUCT CARE section for care instructions.

    • Plaque measures 14.5cm round and comes with brass key attached.