The kids will be hopping this Easter with their very own personalised Easter Egg Hunt! 


Imagine their surprise when the Easter Bunny has set up a full egg hunt, complete with a personalised sign to signal the start! 

A full set of 6 stakes, including:

  • Personalised Starting Sign, with Easter Bunny silhouette (up to 3 names, or your Family Name)
  • "This way!"
  • "What's this?"
  • "Hop over here!"
  • "That way!"
  • "Keep on hopping!"


Bring some excitement and order to the whirlwind that is the Easter Egg Hunt, and create a tradition and memories with the kids this Easter.


Set comes with 6 stakes, each sign is 9 across and 5 cm tall, with an 8 cm stake (except the Personalised starter stake, which is 9 cm across, 6.5 cm tall, with a 6.5 cm stake). Available in light grain wood, personalise now to create your own unique Easter Egg Hunt today!


Easter Egg Hunt Personalised Stakes

    • Font as per photos. 

    • 5 pre-written stakes (not personalised) are 9 cm across, with the sign 5 cm tall and the stake 8 cm tall. 1 personalised stake (up to 3 individual names, or your family name) is 9 cm across, with the sign 6.5 cm tall and the stake 6.5 cm tall.

    • Our stakes are made from quality wood materials, and are laser cut and engraved to order. 

    • All of our materials are a standard 3 mm thick, so please review our PRODUCT CARE section for care instructions.